120 Years of Service

Musselman Funeral Home & Cremation Services Celebrates by honoring the Veteran

Musselman Funeral Home & Cremation Services is celebrating its 126th anniversary. Since 1895 the family firm has seen many changes. They have gone from a horse drawn hearse to a hearse with Horse Power and a lot of models in between. They have seen no antibiotics to medical developments that have exceeded the imaginations of previous generations. They have seen many changes in funeral care and small business in general. They have seen 22 U.S. Presidents come and go. But the one thing that has not changed is the steady stream of Americans willing to protect our country and our way of life …. Veterans.

Funeral care has been the Musselman family way of life for the past 126 years and the people who have made that possible are those who have served in wartime and peacetime. Those who have sacrificed a portion of their lives for very little in return. Those who have sacrificed separation from their loved ones, their safety and long term health and many have sacrificed their very lives and lie buried in foreign lands. They have done such a fine job of preserving our way of life, our freedom that it is easy to forget they are there serving this very day because their service has occurred without disruption to most of our daily lives.

The very first veterans the Musselman family served were from the Civil War and they have served veterans from every war and peacetime since.