Social Security

Musselman Funeral Home will contact Social Security to report your loved ones death. We will assist families in the application of Social Security benefits. We do ask that the surviving spouse contact Social Security directly to discuss the survivor’s benefits, which could potentially change your monthly Social Security income as HIPAA laws prevent us from discussing such private, personal information.

In addition to the monthly benefits for family members, a one-time payment of $255 can be paid to a spouse who was living with the deceased person at the time of the death, or a spouse or child who, in the month of death, is eligible for a Social Security benefit based on the deceased person's record. This payment CANNOT be made if there is no eligible spouse or child.A reminder: If the deceased was receiving Social Security benefits, any checks which arrive after death will need to be returned to the Social Security office. If Social Security checks were being directly deposited into a bank account, the bank needs to be notified of the death, too.

For more information about how to contact social security, please visit our helpful links page.